Upgraded to WordPress 2.8

Cool, WordPress upgraded from 2.7.1 to 2.8 in seconds! Can’t wait for Drupal to follow suit with automatically upgrading (OK, one-click upgrade) of modules and core. Definitely not easy to keep Planet CakePHP updated since it is quite a chore to download updated module, disable current module, unzip and override,  re-enable module, run update.php and finally done. Worst when you need to upgrade Drupal core. One thing however, that I liked in Drupal, would be the maintenance mode which is absolutely useful from keeping visitors away while the things get upgraded or screwed up. :p

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  • http://www.twitter.com/kevinquillen Kevin

    Some modules facilitate telling you when to update, though none to my knowledge can update for you. We’re working on our own internal solution to monitor whats installed on all Drupal sites, and one-click update from the public Drupal CVS.

    • http://derickng.com Derick Ng

      Drupal 6.x notifies you when there are available updates but just lack the one-click solution. Perhaps it is a little complicated due to multi-site configurations but well, it is a nice to have.

      I hope you can release that internal solution as a module when done! I will definitely be interested.