iPhone OS 3.0 Bug with Group MMS (or rather SMS)

Bug bug! Contrary to the 12 bugs in iPhone OS 3.0 that Woot found, I only encountered 1 not in the list. I just sent 5 MMSes instead of SMSes yesterday without noticing that the iPhone shows Group MMS instead of Group SMS whenever you add more than one recipient to the list.

iPhone OS 3.0 Group MMS Bug

This has been confirmed by other users as well so it can very well be an actual bug. Now the only solution will be to switch MMS Messaging to Off whenever you want to send a group SMS. More bugs?

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  • Other World

    It’s a carrier bug not an Apple iPhone bug. No problems for me: I use the original SIM Card.

    • http://derickng.com Derick Ng

      But it is showing MMS instead of SMS on the compose message screen. My SIM card is as original. ;)

  • klif

    If you use the (+) button to add other users it still keeps it as a SMS not switch it to an MMS.

    • blahhh

      ^^ that’s what I thought, until I sent it, it then changed to MMS

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