Trendly: Trends for Google Analytics

Don’t you just love APIs? Unless you were never a fan of Google Analytics, you would have heard of the Google Analytics Data Export API. It allows developers to make good use of the data collected in a Google Analytics account by churning better reports, integrating information into an existing application or whatever creative ways you can think of. This is exactly what the guys at Smallthought Systems, makers of DabbleDB (which I recommend you check out as well), did by coming up with Trendly.

I wanted to post a full review but since Trendly did a good job of explaining how it works, I got lazy. The idea is simple. Google Analytics shows you how many visits each traffic source generates but it will probably take more than a few clicks to understand exactly which source brings you the most traffic last month and even harder to understand how this same source trends compared to other sources over the last couple of months. Trendly does exactly that in 4 clicks:

  1. Click to try Trendly for free.
  2. Allow Trendly to access your Google Account.
  3. Choose the profile you would like analysed.
  4. Wait for email notification to Trendly results and click on the link provided.

Trendly is still in preview phase so do go ahead and try for free while you can! On a side note, Enhanced Google Analytics Firefox extension does something similar on a smaller scale.

Any more interesting projects making use of the Google Analytics Data Export API that I should know of?

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