Middle Click to Open Links in a New Tab in Firefox on a Mac

I have always been irritated by the fact that I could not middle-click to open links in a new tab in Firefox on a Mac. This is one of the most used action while web browsing on a PC yet I have to do a command-click while on a Mac. But I am glad I finally found a solution! I am using Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 and it seems like by installing the software for the mouse, I get to configure the behavior of the wheel button used for middle-clicking. Call me silly but I have never bothered with any mouse software/drivers on Windows.

So how this works is you basically download the software for the mouse from Microsoft Hardware and install! After installation, open System Preferences and you should see “Microsoft Mouse” under the group “Other”. Now all you have to do is to set your assignment of the “Wheel Button” to “Handled by Mac OS”. That’s all and it works perfect. One less switch to a Mac problem. :p

Microsoft Mouse System Preferences

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  • me

    No work for me, gives me Expose’. I’m dying to figure this out.

    • ben

      Finally figured it out, go into expose and disable it from being displayed with mouse button 3 :)

  • Swarajban

    Worked for me!